Open Society Foundation

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Open Society Foundation, a grant making operation aimed to promote human rights and democratic governance, recently moved their New York office to a new 170,000 sq. ft. 10-story building in midtown. The space consisted of typical workstations, administrative and executive offices with state-of- the-art  Board Rooms and Training Rooms. A Data Center was designed to house file servers, LAN/WAN equipment, telephone equipment, and incoming services. The Data Center allowed for the utilization of a central UPS and AC System. The Data Center consisted of a main “infrastructure rack” from which all of the IDF Risers were terminated as well as all of the inter-cabinet cabling. Each cabinet was connected with 24-Cateogry-6e cables back to the Main infrastructure racks, from where all connections to the core switches are made. Each floor consisted of one IDF each for horizontal cabling distribution for voice and data services utilizing a robust Category-6e structured cabling infrastructure. The IDF Rooms were designed to house LAN/WAN equipment and the telephone equipment. Each IDF was connected to the Data Center utilizing a collapsible backbone comprising of multimode fiber optic cabling, Category-6e Cabling, and high pair count UTP cabling.