Vice Media

For this fast track, multiphase reuse NYC project, Lilker provided MEP, HVAC and fire protection design services to help construct a striking 65,000 sq. ft. media compound—including a full service production studio, collaborative workspace and an outdoor “living room” deck—for global youth news powerhouse Vice Media in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The new headquarters seamlessly links two adjacent early 20th century buildings and conveys an intentionally raw vibe, mirroring the company’s image and maintaining the buildings’ industrial quality and proportions. The two timeworn buildings required upgraded gas and water systems, separate air-cooled rooftop building units to heat and cool the buildings, and additional electrical capacity to handle the very large electronics systems and population load. An energy-efficient carbon monoxide detection system designed by Lilker regulates the volume of air needed from the outside depending on occupancy. On the interior, large expanses of exposed duct work necessitated careful planning to meet aesthetic, as well as functionality, objectives. A 1,000 sq. ft. IDF data center, which sits atop the film studio on Kent Avenue, was fitted with redundant HVAC and a pre-action sprinkler system with compressed air instead of water to protect the center’s sensitive components.