Tyson’s Overlook

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Tysons Overlook is an 11-story, 308,000 sq. ft. Class-A Virginia office building featuring an 8,000 sq. ft. Café and outdoor patio, a 3,500 sq. ft. fitness center and a furnished event terrace with water feature and landscaping. The project cost approximately $120,000,000.

The HVAC system is composed of multiple air handling units that provide conditioned air to series fan powered VAV boxes throughout the building. Chilled water is provided by two water cooled chillers. Electric heaters, ductless split systems, water cooled self-contained units and exhaust fans are used as needed in miscellaneous areas for temperature control and air exhaust.

Lighting fixtures with fluorescent lights are used to provide adequate amounts of light inside the different spaces. Occupancy sensors and digital time switch lighting controls are used as needed throughout the building. Hot water is provided by electric water heaters and plumbing fixtures are low flow and ADA compliant. Lilker Energy Solutions (LES) provided the fundamental and enhanced commissioning services and were part of the team that delivered a LEED Gold level certification for this project.