Pelé Soccer

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New life is breathed into this historic-landmarked theatre interior in the heart of Times Square, transformed from a dimly lit movie palace to a vibrant sports retail experience.

The fan experience begins as shoppers enter a stadium tunnel, are led through a hall where namesake sports memorabilia fill displays where posters once announced coming attractions, and emerge onto center field. While AstroTurf and goalposts have replaced seating for moviegoers, spectators still line tiered stands to catch the big show on a sports Jumbotron above a stage once home to the silver screen. Luminaires were mounted on custom freestanding pylons and trusses that echo stadium lighting structures, leaving the French-inspired decorated surfaces and historic fabric untouched. This created armatures to mount lighting, speakers, exit signs, and emergency lighting whose appearance grounded and reinforced the stadium concept. The original sloping floor was used in consort with a central raised area to create a soccer field as sales floor, complete with tiered “stadium” seating to reflect the fan experience.