Lilker Lighting Group (LLG) provides lighting design services from concept through completion for architects, building owners and institutions. We reinforce the architect’s design vision while meeting project energy, budget and spatial constraints. Our design staff has national and international experience in commercial, residential, academic, retail, religious, museum, and exterior lighting projects.

We believe good lighting serves architecture by providing function, order, and spectacle. In addition to fostering comfortable and productive environments, exceptional lighting design organizes flow and circulation, reinforcing geometric relationships. And when called upon, bold and dramatic accent lighting takes center stage as a feature element, amplifying the architect’s concept. Balancing function, order and spectacle, LLG illuminates space as it was meant to be experienced.

  • Electric lighting design
  • Lighting control strategies
  • Lighting computer calculation
  • Lighting detail design
  • Lighting specification
  • Daylighting studies
  • Custom luminaire design
  • Coordination with energy code and LEED compliance
  • Lighting focusing and adjustment
  • Peer review

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