John Hassett

John Hassett, 
Senior Associate
Director, Technology Solutions Group

To improve our environment and cut operating costs, buildings must become more intelligent, and that requires integrated technology solutions

Heading up Lilker’s Technology Solutions Group (TSG), John Hassett has direct responsibility for design, engineering and project management for all technology infrastructure projects.  John maintains that managing technology for the AEC industry is a challenging, yet rewarding, effort. His 30-plus years of experience developing strategy, implementing solutions, and leveraging technology to serve business objectives, and his education, helps John to guide Lilker toward innovative, effective solutions for the company and their clients. John’s broad expertise includes data center design, cabling, infrastructure, and voice and data network integration. John’s career in the technology industry includes hands-on experience bidding, installing, and troubleshooting technology systems – giving him a start-to-finish perspective on technology design. John earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from the SUNY, College at Oswego.

What is John up to?