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Lilker offers a fully-integrated MEP/FP engineering, technology, security, audio visual technology, energy, commissioning and LEED consulting services, lighting design and special inspection services team under one roof.  The benefits for our clients? It enhances communication among disciplines, includes a single source responsibility, faster project completion, a transparent, accessible team approach and enhanced quality through a cohesive team with one shared, set goal.

Lilker Associates has built a solid reputation for innovative MEP/FP systems design. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, cost-effective mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology engineering solutions through collaborative problem solving.  Mechanical engineers and electrical engineers interact to create fully integrated systems design. Our plumbing engineers collaborate with their electrical and mechanical partners to achieve the most well designed, all-inclusive outcomes. This integrated method ensures that there is a continuous thorough assessment of the project throughout the entire engineering design process.

We are committed to ensuring that this check and balance system is fundamental to every project, for every client.  Our Technology Solutions Group (TSG) provides our clients with a single resource for all of their technology needs. And Lilker Energy Solutions (LES) specializes in energy audits, energy modeling, commissioning and LEED consulting services. Lilker Lighting Group (LLG), provides expertise in all aspects of lighting design, from project design and management to the design of custom lighting and illumination control systems.  

Our Special Inspections Division, Lilker Special Inspections, is comprised of a fully integrated team of licensed MEP/FP and commissioning engineers working with our Special Inspectors to provide a single source of service to verify that work is being performed in accordance with approved plans and specifications and building codes.

Because all of our services are under one roof, our team shares information and works collaboratively to find consistent and cost effective solutions that we carry forward from project to project.  No matter how specific the problem, we have the experts with the solution.  We can respond, with speed, to all of our clients’’ ideas and needs.  We see our role as applying creative vision, technical expertise, interdisciplinary insight and decades of experience to address complex, multi-faceted challenges in new and better ways.



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