WELL Concept #1: Air

WELL Concept #1: Air 

Welcome to the second installment in our series on the WELL Building Standard®, the new paradigm that assesses the built environment’s impact on human health and well-being across seven concepts: Air, Water, Light, Comfort, Fitness, Nourishment and Mind. In this installment, we focus on Air, unquestionably the most consequential of the program concepts. Of the total 105 building features that WELL addresses, nearly one-third relate to air quality. 

Incorporating evidence-based best practices from industry organizations, WELL promotes clean air

through reducing or minimizing the sources of indoor air pollution. To satisfy WELL criteria at the baseSilver level, buildings must meet either performance-based or prescriptive standards on 12 Preconditions: air quality standards; ban on smoking; ventilation effectiveness; VOC reduction; air filtration; microbe and mold control; construction pollution management; healthy entrance (entryway walk-off systems and air seal); cleaning protocol; pesticide management; fundamental material safety; and moisture management.

Additional features, called Optimizations, create a pathway to higher-level Gold or Platinum certification. These include: increased ventilation/outdoor air supply; humidity control; direct source ventilation; displacement ventilation and advanced air purification.

When it comes to air quality, high performance HVAC systems are fundamental to meeting and exceeding the standards. With a commitment by the owner and design team to mechanical systems that promote WELL, occupants will breathe cleaner air, feel healthier and be more productive.

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Wishing you WELL,

Bruce Lilker, PE, LEED® AP,  WELL AP

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